Video of Insane, Bloody Thanksgiving Eve Brawl, Bottle Used as Weapon

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Video has now surfaced of a brutal brawl the day before Thanksgiving in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Someone used a glass bottle as a weapon during the bloody fight, as patrons duke it out and blood flows freely. Some fighters either ripped off their shirts during the brawl or had them ripped off during the melee.

One man is seen bleeding profusely from his head as 2 other patrons hold him down.

It went down at a family-friendly joint, Kowloon Restaurant. What’s a little weird … there were 6 officers working at the restaurant — it’s unclear why a restaurant needed this kind of police presence. The officers were able to calm things down.

Cops interviewed several people in the fight but no arrests have been made. The PD does say the person who used a bottle as a weapon could be arrested and charged with a felony.

Happy holidays, everybody!

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