Viral Dognapping Suspect Arrested For Robbery, Dog Still Missing

Police say they’ve arrested a suspect in the viral dognapping case … but, unfortunately, they haven’t found the dog yet.

The Los Angeles Police Department announced Saturday they’ve arrested Sadie Slater … a 21-year-old L.A. resident on a robbery charge for her alleged involvement in the crime. Her bail is set at $70,000, according to the LAPD.

We’ve confirmed the arrest with law enforcement sources … who added they’ve been trying to find out the dog’s location from the suspect.

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Remember … the victim Ali Zacharias was eating lunch in DTLA last month when a woman came up, grabbed her dog Onyx’s leash, and started to walk away with him. Ali gave chase before the alleged thief jumped into a car.

AZ leaped onto the hood of the thieves’ getaway car and was driven around for several blocks, fearing for her life before the vehicle made a sharp turn and loosed her from the front.

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We spoke with Ali earlier this week … who told us police were starting to take her case seriously when all of the media attention spotlighted it.

Well, cops are certainly taking it seriously … with their first suspect in custody.

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Hopefully, officers can find Onyx … and bring him home, safe and sound.

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