Wendy Williams Lifetime Doc Still Coming Out Despite Guardian Lawsuit

A woman claiming to be Wendy Williams’ legal guardian is s*** out of luck as it pertains to this Lifetime documentary — despite her 11th-hour efforts, we’ve learned it’s still coming out.

A rep for the TV network tells TMZ … “Lifetime appeared in court today (Friday), and the documentary ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ will air this weekend as planned.” The doc is slated to drop on Saturday, and based on what they’re saying here … it’s moving forward.

TMZ also confirmed that there’s been some major updates on this case in just the past 24 hours. According to new legal filings, obtained by TMZ, Sabrina Morrissey — the one who filed suit — has already filed an appeal … this after requesting injunctive relief just yesterday.

What this seems to mean — we don’t know for sure since the case is under seal — is that a decision was reached on granting her request to halt this … and it appears to be one she didn’t like, since she’s already appealing and asking for another judge to take a look at her argument. That tracks with Lifetime moving forward … sounds like the court sided with them.

We broke the story … Morrisey ran to court Thursday on behalf of Wendy — claiming to be her temporary guardian — and said it was urgent she be granted a TRO to prevent the doc from releasing. She also wanted this all under seal, and like we said … it is at the moment.

No word on whether Morrissey’s appeal will be heard before tomorrow — there’s no new movement on the case that we can see … so for the time being, it’s full-steam ahead.

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We’ve continued to try and reach out to Morrissey … so far, no word back.

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