Would You Stay At A Haunted Clown Motel Alone? This Influencer Did!

The “World Famous” Clown Motel in Nevada isn’t for the weak.

Known as a haunted motel in Tonopah, Nevada, about three hours outside of Las Vegas, this place is all about CLOWNS! And did we mention is sits right next to a creepy cemetery? Social media influencer who goes by Khail Anonymous recently spent a night there – ALONE – and shared what the experience was like on Instagram.

Spending A Night Alone Amongst The Clowns!

Khail Anonymous – Instagram

According to the motel’s website, they underwent a renovation in early 2019 with a “new vision for America’s scariest motel.”  The motel got a 360-degree facelift and revamped exteriors “with a touch of circus looks.”

With themed rooms such as “IT,” “Exorcist,” “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th,” spooky doesn’t even begin to cover it! And did we mention the hotel’s clown museum has more than 5,000 clowns?

And if this place looks familiar to you, you’ve probably seen it in various YouTube videos and reality shows such as “Ghost Hunters.” Clown lovers and haters alike stay there for the thrill of the experience.

Khail Anonymous – Instagram

Khail Anonymous recently shared his experience of staying in the spooky motel all alone on Instagram.

“I rented a room at a haunted clown motel,” he said in the beginning of his video. “The motel lets you rent an EMF reader so you can kind of go ghost hunting. So, I’m gonna wait until it gets dark and go do that. There’s a graveyard next door. I forgot to mention that.”

Once it got dark, Khail headed over to the graveyard with the EMF reader and began picking up some high readings. He just kept apologizing to the ghosts during his half-an-hour adventure in the dark.

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Back in the room to get ready for a possibly unsettled night of sleep, he set up a GoPro in case anything crazy happened. Before going to sleep, he had to first choose which bed to sleep in – the one closest to the door or the one next to an oversized picture of Pennywise. He chose Pennywise (gasp).

Nothing creepy happened overnight and his GoPro didn’t seem to pick up anything interesting. He even said he slept okay! Before heading out, he stopped at the hotel’s clown museum which he said was “creepy and not – mostly creepy.”

To end his video, he said he left knowing he is “just done with clown stuff. Almost” as he flashed a photo of Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas. (More on that later.)

Viewers Shared Their Experiences At The Clown Motel In The Comment Section

Khail Anonymous – Instagram

Khail’s video on Instagram received more than 40,000 likes and tons of comments from people who have experienced the Clown Motel themselves.

“Took my kids and they were tormented all night. The youngest was thrown in his sleep, oldest didn’t sleep because the clowns/ghost were biting him and I felt drugged and could offer no help. We had the best time! Our key went missing from the table and ended up under an emergency pack in my trunk,” one person wrote.

“I went to the cemetery next door at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and my hands felt like they were burning and on fire when I read up on the cemetery there’s a lot of people that died in a mine fire nothing else felt like it was burning only my hands weirdest experience I ever had 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱,” shared another.

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A few people suggested the Mizpah Hotel just up the street from the Clown Motel as a scarier option, and others just tagged people they know who hate clowns!

About Circus Circus…

Khail Anonymous – TikTok

Khail’s visit to the Clown Motel was in November and then in January, he kept the clown theme going and visited Circus Circus in Las Vegas. He shared his experience over on TikTok.

“A lot of people say that this hotel is the worst hotel in Las Vegas,” he began his video. “So let’s stay here!”

Khail showed the elevator, hallway to his room and the room itself. He even used a black light to show different areas of the room that might have been a little shocking to see. He also shared some clips of the casino, circus midway, and indoor amusement park.

“Is it the worst hotel in Las Vegas?” he continued. “No. It is pretty gross, but unlike other hotels, it has a little bit of an identity and it has plenty of stuff going on. It’s cheap, and are my standards too low?”

@khailanonymousIs it the worst hotel in Las Vegas? Circus Circus is a staple of Las Vegas for some, but its been around for a while and changed. Some think its the worst, most fun, cheapest, fun for the whole family or just think it’s dirty I still find it imperfect but charming and fun♬ original sound – Khail Anonymous

Many viewers remember visiting Circus Circus during their childhood, and others just commented on whether they thought it was a bad hotel or not.

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“My Vegas vacation childhood memories there! 😍” one person wrote. Another said, “I stayed there and it was perfectly fine and the theme was fun. I barely spend any time in my hotel anyway.”

Another person added, “You stay there when you go to Vegas on the very last minute 😂.”

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