The Bad Batch Season 3 Finally Ties It All Together

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the Bad Batch find themselves up against, and running away from, some kind of giant creature. “Why,” grunts Wrecker, the team’s beefy strongman as he huffs along, “why is there always a huge monster?” It’s a fun gag, because really, with The Bad Batch, there almost always is … Read more

Everything You Need to Remember Before The Bad Batch Season 3

Screenshot: Lucasfilm So that’s where we are, who’s gone and who’s back. So what can we expect in season three? All eyes are on Mount Tantiss right now—not just for whatever project Hemlock has cooking for the Emperor, but for our surviving Batchers to rescue Omega before it’s too late, to see wherever Crosshair’s re-examination … Read more

Bad news for Kanye West, Bianca Censori romance life

Expert believes Kanye West’s titanium dentures will make kissing a ‘nightmare’ for Bianca Censori Bad news for Kanye West, Bianca Censori romance life Kanye West’s newly unveiled titanium dentures will make kissing his wife, Bianca Censori, “a nightmare.” “Oh, kissing would be a nightmare. I feel very sorry for his wife. I mean, it’s quite … Read more

Nigeria’s currency has fallen to a record low as inflation surges. How did things get so bad?

ABUJA, Nigeria — Nigerians are facing one of the West African nation’s worst economic crises in years triggered by surging inflation, the result of monetary policies that have pushed the currency to an all-time low against the dollar. The situation has provoked anger and protests across the country. The latest government statistics released Thursday showed … Read more

Kanye West gets bad news after ‘Vultures 1’ launch

Distributor of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign ‘Vultures 1’ wants to remove the album through their service Kanye West gets bad news after ‘Vultures 1’ launch After a much-delay Vultures 1 was released via FUGA, but the officials behind the tech platform are saying, the album did not receive the proper go-ahead and they … Read more

Cocoa prices surge to all-time highs as bad weather hurts West Africa crop yield

The hand of Alain Kablan Porquet in dry cocoa beans, in Gagnoa, Ivory Coast, November 19 2023.  The Washington Post | Getty Images Cocoa prices have surged to all-time highs this week as bad weather conditions hammer crop yields in West Africa, home to three quarters of the world’s production. Cocoa futures prices have surged … Read more

How bad is Tesla’s hazardous waste problem in California?

Allegations that Tesla mishandled hazardous waste point to a systemic failure at the company’s California facilities. This was no simple accident or one-off event. No less than 25 counties sued Tesla this week for allegedly illegally disposing of hazardous waste. Within a couple days, the Elon Musk-led company agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle … Read more

Bad Bunny Posts Nude Photos From Bubble Bath, Shows Off Crotch

Bad Bunny’s sexual energy is bubbling over … as in, he’s sharing nude thirst traps from his bubble bath … with a (soapy) crotch shot!!! The Latin rapper/pop star just posted a series of tasteful nudes on his Instagram … and he’s kinda showing off the goods, although there’s bubbles blocking what’s between his legs. … Read more

Bad Bunny Invites Fans Into His Bubble Bath with Hot New Selfies | Bad Bunny, Shirtless | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Bad Bunny just shared some hot new photos on social media! The 29-year-old entertainer dropped a slideshow of pics on Friday afternoon (February 2) while taking a bubble bath. Benito‘s new pics show off his shirtless body, the tattoos that flank his body, and there’s even one that shows off his legs, with just some … Read more