Huawei is allegedly building a self-sufficient chip network using state investment fund

We’ve seen Huawei’s surprising strides with its recent smartphones — especially the in-house 7nm 5G processor within, but apparently the company has been working on something far more significant to bypass the US import ban. According to a new Bloomberg investigation, a Shenzhen city government investment fund created in 2019 has been helping Huawei build … Read more

Amazon reveals Trainium2 AI chip while deepening Nvidia relationship

Amazon’s AWS cloud unit has announced new chips for customers to build and run artificial intelligence applications on, as well as plans to offer access to Nvidia’s latest chips. Amazon Web Services is trying to stand out as a cloud provider with a variety of cost-effective options. It won’t just sell cheap Amazon-branded products, though. … Read more

Are chip wars starting to bite?

Jensen Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nvidia Corp., during the Taipei Computex expo in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday, May 29, 2023. I-Hwa Cheng | Bloomberg | Getty Images This report is from today’s CNBC Daily Open, our new, international markets newsletter. CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need … Read more

Nvidia shares fall as it reportedly delays new China AI chip

Jensen Huang, president of Nvidia, holding the Grace hopper superchip CPU used for generative AI at the Supermicro keynote presentation during Computex 2023. Walid Berrazeg | Lightrocket | Getty Images Nvidia shares fell on Friday with the company reportedly delaying a new artificial intelligence chip for China that has been designed to comply with U.S. … Read more

US chip export ban is hurting China’s AI startups, not so much the giants yet

Well before Washington banned Nvidia’s exports of high-performance graphic processing units to China, the country’s tech giants had been hoarding them in anticipation of an escalating tech war between the two nations. Baidu, one of the tech firms building China’s counterparts to OpenAI, has secured enough AI chips to keep training its ChatGPT equivalent Ernie … Read more

Qualcomm’s Next Chip Brings ChatGPT-Like AI To More Affordable Phones

Weeks after unveiling new mobile chips that bring ChatGPT-like generative AI to premium phones, Qualcomm has announced some new silicon that brings the tech to more affordable handsets. The Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 will be used in phones from Honor, vivo and other manufacturers, with the first devices arriving later this month. At Qualcomm’s Snapdragon … Read more

Nvidia unveils H200, its newest high-end chip for training AI models

Jensen Huang, president of Nvidia, holding the Grace hopper superchip CPU used for generative AI at the Supermicro keynote presentation during Computex 2023. Walid Berrazeg | Lightrocket | Getty Images Nvidia on Monday unveiled the H200, a graphics processing unit designed for training and deploying the kinds of artificial intelligence models that are powering the … Read more

Apple’s midrange ‘Pro’ M3 chip isn’t looking like a huge upgrade

Apple’s new M3 Pro chip is looking like an odd duck in an otherwise solidly improved MacBook Pro laptop. For most people who need a computer with a bit of oomph over dreary office tasks and need multiple external monitors, the M3 Pro will serve their needs and have great battery to boot. But year-over-year … Read more

Samsung narrows loss from chip business as foldable smartphones save face

Samsung is the world’s largest producer of memory chips. Image: Samsung Samsung narrowed its loss from its chip business in the third quarter while strong performance from its mobile business thanks to the launch of new foldable smartphones helped maintain profitability overall for the quarter. The South Korean tech giant said on Tuesday that it … Read more

Intel stock drops on report Nvidia is working on an Arm-based PC chip

An exterior view of the NVIDIA headquarters in Santa Clara, California, May 30, 2023. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Intel stock dropped more than 3% during trading on Monday after Reuters reported that Nvidia and AMD were working on Arm-based PC chips. Arm stock rose more than 6%, and Nvidia gained nearly 4% during late-day … Read more