Google Witness Spills on Apple’s Cut From Safari Search Revenue

Google pays Apple 36% of its search advertising revenue from Safari, according to new details brought to light in Google’s search antitrust trial on Monday as reported by Bloomberg. The mere utterance of the number, which Google and Apple have tried to keep sealed, caused Google’s main litigator John Schmidtlein to visibly cringe. Google’s Antitrust … Read more

Google Paid How Much to Be the Default Search Engine?

Google’s antitrust trial revealed the multi-billion dollar tech company paid out a whopping total of $26.3 billion in 2021 to keep its status as the default search engine on phones and multiple browsers, Bloomberg Law reported Friday. The Justice Department argued that by spending an exorbitant amount of money to retain its default status, Google … Read more

Google Allegedly Pays Apple $18 Billion a Year to Be Its Favorite Search

Image: BongkarnGraphic (Shutterstock) How much is it worth to be the iPhone’s default search engine? Somewhere between $18 and $20 billion a year. According to a Bernstein analyst, that’s how much Google is paying Apple to keep its top spot, representing roughly 15% of the iPhone maker’s annual operating profits. No Google AI Search, I … Read more

Lawsuit Alleges SpaceX Underpays Women and Minorities

SpaceX’s Starship rocket at Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas.Photo: SpaceX In another discrimination accusation against SpaceX, the private space company is being sued by a former employee for alleged underpayment of women and minorities. Tesla Investors Not Happy With Mr. Tweet’s Tweets Former SpaceX engineer Ashley Foltz filed a lawsuit at the California state court … Read more

10 Wacky Moments From Day Certainly one of Google’s Antitrust Trial

Picture: Serhii Yevdokymov / (Shutterstock) As Google confronted off in opposition to the Division of Justice on the primary day of a hotly anticipated antitrust trial, firm lawyer John Schmidtlein laid out an attention-grabbing perspective. “This case is admittedly all about Microsoft,” Schmidtlein stated. For those who can identify one search engine aside from … Read more