Doctor Who Wild Blue Yonder Recap: Tennant and Tate Forever

If Doctor Who’s triumphant return in “The Star Beast” was a romp in Russell T. Davies’ hallmark style to prove that Doctor Who can really still feel like its recent past, then “Wild Blue Yonder” is a similarly triumphant attempt to prove that Doctor Who can still be weird, chilling, and inventive as it ever … Read more

Doctor Who Releases Official Recipe For Sylvia’s Tuna Madras

Image: BBC When Doctor Who returned to our screens this past weekend in “The Star Beast,” it brought with it all sorts of weird and occasionally fearsome threats, from the mischievous Meep to the insectoid Wrarth Warriors. But perhaps nothing could send you scurrying behind the sofa than one single joke/threat: a fish curry made … Read more

Doctor Who’s Russell T. Davies on Star Beast’s Trans Rep, Rose

For as much as Doctor Who’s first 60th anniversary special, “The Star Beast,” was a celebration of the old, it also brought plenty of new with it—including Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney as Rose, Donna Noble’s trans teenage daughter. But for as important as Rose became to the episode, for showrunner Russell T. Davies, it was equally … Read more

Watch Ncuti Gatwa’s Surprise Adventure in Space and Time Appearance

When it comes to Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary celebrations, all eyes are on this weekend as the series prepares to kick off a trio of weekly special episodes. But on Doctor Who’s anniversary itself yesterday, fans were treated to a wonderful couple of surprises that offered some lovely nods to the show’s future. Turtle Power … Read more

David Tennant’s New Doctor Makes Surprise Debut

Image: BBC The 14th Doctor has arrived—a little earlier than we first expected. Although Doctor Who will return to TV in a little over a week in a big way to celebrate its 60th anniversary in a trio of specials, tonight the BBC released a short scene marking the first onscreen adventure for David Tennant’s … Read more

Tubi Adds Over 600 Free Episodes of Classic ‘Doctor Who’

Some of (but not all of) the classic Doctors in a row.Image: Tubi Doctor Who fans who don’t live in the UK or Ireland have had to be exceptionally organized when keeping track of where to watch the long-running sci-fi series. But the BBC Studios show’s classic era (up to and including the Seventh Doctor) … Read more

How Doctor Who Celebrated Its Anniversaries for 60 years

Image: BBC … Because the 40th Anniversary was marked in several ways, but most notably “Scream of the Shalka,” an all-new animated webcast featuring a brand new incarnation of the Doctor: the Ninth Doctor, played by Richard E. Grant. Elsewhere, audio publisher Big Finish released a series of special stories—a trio of classic villain tales … Read more

The Doctor Who ‘Hand Pose’ Is a Timeless Icon

David Tennant’s Doctor is very big on hands. Well, most biped humanoids, Time Lords included, are quite keen on having all their limbs. But remember the sword fight in “Christmas Invasion”? Remember the fighting hand? Remember how he grew a whole other version of himself out of that hand four years later? Alan Cumming on … Read more

Magic The Gathering Reveals Tons of New Doctor Who Cards

Next month, Doctor Who turns 60, and it’s celebrating in style between a trio of new episodes and all sorts of retrospective lookbacks—but one of its most intriguing collaborations to mark six decades of adventuring in time and space is bringing the series to the world of Magic: The Gathering, in a series of decks … Read more

New Doctor Who Theme Song to Debut on BBC Radio In October

Screenshot: BBC A new era of Doctor Who means a new version of the 60-year-old series’ legendary theme song, and before fans hear it across the trio of anniversary specials set to broadcast in November, they’ll get to experience it in style… if they turn their radio on, that is. Chad Stahelski on Returning to … Read more