Google’s Geothermal Energy Project Now Powers Nevada Data Centers

Photo: Google Google is now using geothermal energy to meet the massive power needs of its data centers. Google announced a first-of-its-kind geothermal project is now operational in Nevada in a blog post on Tuesday, using heat from the Earth’s core as energy. Like It or Not, Your Doctor Will Use AI | AI Unlocked … Read more

New US Hydrogen Energy Hubs: What to Know

The Biden administration is betting on hydrogen to power the country, create well-paying jobs, and lower climate-warming emissions. Last month, the president announced that $7 billion will be invested to create seven regional hydrogen-producing hubs across the U.S., promising to work with unions and disadvantaged areas so that “all communities share in the benefits of … Read more

Peak fossil fuel demand is coming, IEA says — and China will be key

A worker cutting steel pipes near a coal-powered power station in China on Nov. 12, 2021. Greg Baker | AFP | Getty Images China has changed the world’s energy system before and is set to do so again, as a peak in demand for fossil fuels nears, according to the International Energy Agency’s Executive Director. … Read more

Wind-powered cargo ships with sail-like ‘wings’ could reduce fuel use by 30%

The Pyxis Ocean sailed from China to Brazil in September 2023, partially powered by large ‘wings’. Cargill A cargo ship with a difference is set to dock at the Polish port of Gdynia early next week. The Pyxis Ocean, a bulk carrier that is 229 meters long and 32 meters wide, looks like any other … Read more

Might an Asteroid House Umbrella Struggle Local weather Change?

The answer for safeguarding the planet from a number of the solar’s rays might be an area “umbrella.” A examine printed the scientific journal PNAS in June outlines a College of Hawai’i researcher’s plan for hitching an umbrella or protect onto an asteroid to dam a number of the solar’s rays. What Is Carbon Seize? With … Read more