The US Supreme Court Holds the Future of the Internet in Its Hands

The US Supreme Court seems torn over whether to trigger a radical transformation of the internet. The nation’s highest court heard arguments Monday over state laws in Florida and Texas that restrict how platforms like Facebook and YouTube moderate speech. If the court lets them take effect, social media feeds could look very different, with … Read more

Grappler Successfully Used In Florida Police Chase

Read the full story on The Auto Wire Grappler Successfully Used In Florida Police Chase People are losing their minds after seeing footage of Hollywood Police Department in Florida using the Grappler to stop a fleeing Camaro. Even though this invention has been out for years and used successfully in a number of pursuits, including … Read more

Dogs jump in stranger’s car — and won’t budge, Florida cops say. ‘Holding my car hostage’

Dogs jumped into a stranger’s car — and unexpectedly took over the front seats, Florida photos show. Facebook user Keke Keke said she was dropping her child off at day care and left her driver’s side doors open. That’s when the three German shepherds slipped inside. A picture posted Feb. 20 shows two of the … Read more

Measles Strikes a Florida Elementary School With Over 100 Unvaccinated Kids

Florida health officials on Sunday announced an investigation into a cluster of measles cases at an elementary school in the Fort Lauderdale area with a low vaccination rate, a scenario health experts fear will become more and more common amid slipping vaccination rates nationwide. On Friday, Broward County Public School reported a confirmed case of … Read more

Doctors Remove 150 Live Bugs From Florida Man’s Nose

A Florida man is breathing easier now that 150 live bugs have been removed from his nose. The unidentified patient went to a hospital earlier this month after noticing that his whole face felt like it was on fire, according to a Friday report by Jacksonville’s First Coast News. Although the man first started experiencing … Read more

Florida man buys Cake’s remaining US inventory of electric motorbikes

The future of bankrupt electric motorbike startup Cake is still uncertain, but the majority of its U.S. inventory is going to a guy in Florida. Michael Joyce, who runs a retail shop in St. Petersburg called Emoto, tells TechCrunch that he bought all of the Cake Makka and Ösa motorbikes that had been shipped stateside … Read more

A New Version of Dengue Is Plaguing Florida: ‘Unprecedented’ Outbreaks

Florida has been playing host to an emerging version of the dengue virus, new research shows. The study found that the state has experienced an “unprecedented” number of cases caused by dengue virus serotype 3 over the past two years, including locally acquired cases. Outbreaks have remained relatively small and contained, at least for now. … Read more

Trump arrives in federal court in Florida for closed hearing in his classified documents case

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (AP) — Former President Donald Trump arrived Monday morning at a federal courthouse in Florida for a closed hearing in his criminal case charging him with mishandling classified documents. The hearing was scheduled to discuss the procedures for the handling of classified evidence in the case, which is currently set for trial … Read more

Florida mansion is most expensive U.S. home for sale at $295 million

The main house at Gordon Pointe spans 11,500 sq ft. Dawn McKenna Group / Coldwell Banker Realty The most expensive home for sale in the U.S. hit the market this week for $295 million. Gordon Pointe, as it’s called, is a roughly 9-acre compound in Naples, Florida, on the Gulf Coast, in an affluent enclave … Read more

‘We’ve lost both engines,’ pilot says before private jet crashed onto Florida interstate, killing 2

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — Moments before a private jet slammed into a Florida highway, the pilot calmly told an airport controller that the aircraft “was not going to make the runway” since it had lost both engines. The jet, with five people aboard, was bound for the airport in Naples when it tried to make … Read more