Universal Antivenom for Snake Bites Might Soon Be a Reality

We might be soon on the verge of having a super snake antivenom. In new research, a team of scientists says they’ve created a lab-made antibody geared to counteract toxic bites from a wide variety of snakes. In early tests with mice, the uber-antivenom appeared to work as intended. What Drew Noomi Rapace to Constellation? … Read more

Ozempic, Other Weight Loss Drugs Tied to Lower Risk of Depression and Anxiety

Another week, another study finding that Ozempic/Wegovy and similar drugs may do a lot more than just help people lose weight. New research has found that patients who start taking GLP-1 drugs are less likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety afterward, compared to similar patients not on the drug. The findings do not … Read more

In a Medical First, a French Bulldog Puppy Spontaneously Regrew His Lower Jaw

A 3-month-old French bulldog named Tyson seems to have pulled off the miraculous. In a recent case report, Cornell University veterinarians describe how the pup spontaneously regrew most of his lower left jaw after it had to be removed to treat his cancer—the first time something like this has ever been documented in canines. Even … Read more

Bizarre Virus-like ‘Obelisks’ Found in Human Mouths and Guts

Our mouths and guts are teeming with mysterious somethings that are unknown to science, new research suggests. A team says they’ve discovered distinct virus-like structures hanging out among the bacteria that live in our bodies. The researchers have coined these structures “obelisks,” and they might further redefine what it means to be a living thing. … Read more

First Human Receives Neuralink Brain Chip

Elon Musk says that the first person has received a neural implant from his controversial brain chip startup Neuralink. Musk revealed the information in a tweet posted on his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter). The tweet reads merely: Did Elon Musk Regret Buying Twitter? | Walter Isaacson Interview For months, the company has been … Read more

Cursive Handwriting Could Make Your Idiot Kid Smarter, Study Suggests

There’s a glimmer of hope if you’re looking for last-ditch strategies to save your child from the halls of stupidity. A study published this week in the journal Frontiers of Psychology found that good ol’ cursive handwriting seems better at promoting learning than typing, and if we want to pump smarter kids out of our … Read more

A Rare but Deadly Fungal Infection Is Cropping Up in More States

A dangerous fungal infection has seeded its spores farther across the United States than previously assumed. Research out this week details evidence that cases of blastomycosis are regularly showing up in Vermont, outside of the established areas of the U.S. where it’s thought to be endemic. Alex Winter on the Most Important Modern Horror Movie … Read more

Small Dogs Vs Big Dogs: Which Are More Unhealthy?

A new study published today is diving deep into how a dog’s size can affect their health. The study found evidence that larger dogs tend to have a higher risk of many health problems and generally shorter lifespans, while also showing that smaller dog breeds can have their own unique health risks as well. Spiders … Read more

Wegovy, Ozempic Seem to Be Less Dangerous Than Feared, FDA Says

A popular class of weight loss and diabetes drugs looks to be safer than feared, at least so far. This week, the Food and Drug Administration announced it hasn’t found compelling evidence that Wegovy, Ozempic, and other GLP-1 drugs can cause suicidal thoughts or behaviors—a concern that first emerged last year. The FDA hasn’t definitively … Read more

Study Finds Specific Cancers Could Be Prevented by Exercise

Regular exercise is linked to a lower risk of developing certain cancers, such as those of the head, neck and the lungs, according to a new study. The researchers also found that people who were diagnosed with cancer but exercised still tended to live longer than those who didn’t exercise. Will You Click Windows’ New … Read more