Gustav Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Fräulein Lieser’ rediscovered 100 years later

The last known location of “Portrait of Fräulein Lieser” by world-renowned Austrian artist Gustav Klimt was in Vienna in the mid-1920s. The vivid painting featuring a young woman was listed as property of a “Mrs Lieser” — believed to be Henriette Lieser, who was deported and killed by the Nazis. The only remaining record of … Read more

‘The Zone of Interest’ review: A chilling portrait of complicity

For the first few minutes of The Zone of Interest, the film deliberately isolates your sense of hearing. A black screen lingers as droning notes are woven with whispers and the sounds of nature. You’re plunged into a meditative state of simultaneous sensory deprivation and amplification, the effect being that for the next two hours, … Read more

Omar Apollo Discusses Posing for Full Frontal, Naked Portrait, Which Appeared On His New EP | Music, Omar Apollo | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Omar Apollo is baring it all on his new EP Live For Me. The 26-year-old hitmaker recently treated fans to his latest body of work. While the front cover of the album is a colorful painting by artist Doran Langberg of him leaning back while shirtless, the back cover features a painting of Omar nude … Read more

Aaron Carter Gets Gravestone Portrait at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Aaron Carter’s final resting place is now adorned with a portrait of the late singer … and his twin sister is inviting fans to visit his grave. The new headstone includes an oval portrait of Aaron and reads … “In Loving Memory AARON CARTER 1987-2022 Beloved Brother, Son, Friend & Father Of Prince Carter.” Aaron’s … Read more

How to turn regular photos into Portrait mode photos on the iPhone 15

Anyone with an iPhone who’s taken a picture of their child or pet knows the Portrait mode dilemma. Portrait mode adds that lovely, soft bokeh effect to the background of your image and calls attention to your subject — ideal when your toddler or cat is doing something adorable. But taking the extra second to … Read more