Wireless wearables can monitor health by capturing body sounds

The sounds out bodies make can provide important information about our health. This is why doctors often rely on the sounds of heartbeat, breathing, and digestion to receive information about what’s happening inside a patient’s body. To make those evaluations as frequent and efficient as possible, Northwestern University researchers have developed soft, miniaturized wearable devices. … Read more

‘Sounds like a roller coaster’

Tesla’s Cybertruck has intrigued onlookers as it has appeared in numerous locations around the world ahead of its upcoming commercial debut. However, due to its blocky appearance and a constantly covered bed, we’ve seen very little of its actual functionality as a pickup truck — until now. On X (formerly known as Twitter), user omg_Tesla/Rivian (@omg_tesla) … Read more

YouTube lets you create AI music that sounds like Charli XCX (with permission)

YouTube is letting you make your own AI-generated music that sounds pretty damn similar to leading pop artists — with their permission. Announced Thursday, the Google-owned video streaming platform is letting creators generate unique “Dream Tracks” for their Shorts in the style of Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth, Papoose, Sia, … Read more

Joe Biden’s Big AI Plan Sounds Scary—but Lacks Bite

“We intend that the actions we are taking domestically will serve as a model for international action, understanding that AI developed in one nation can impact the lives and livelihoods of billions of people around the world,” Harris said Monday. “Fundamentally, it is our belief that technology with global impact requires global action.” Devilish Detail … Read more

’The Omen’s Cursed Production Sounds as Terrifying as the Movie

The Big Picture Lightning strikes, plane crashes, and bombings plagued the cursed production of The Omen, leaving a trail of eerie events and tragic accidents. Even animals were affected by the curse, with Rottweilers attacking trainers and baboons causing genuine terror during filming. The most tragic event was the real-life decapitation of Liz Moore, which … Read more

Woman Hearing Strange Sounds Finds Out She Has a Spider in Her Ear

Here’s a terrifying medical tale, just in time for Halloween. In a new case report, doctors detail finding a spider inside a woman’s ear. The arachnid had likely made itself comfortable for at least four days, even managing to molt once. Thankfully, it was removed without any issues, though not before the doctors took a … Read more

U2’s The Edge on The Sphere’s Opening Night: ‘This Is Definitely Working’

Maybe this would be an amazing app for the Apple headset. I think so. But I find that being isolated in an immersive experience is very, very different than being at a live event. Even watching a concert film at home on your sofa, you want your friends around. How did the Sphere’s 168,000-speaker sound … Read more