Apple Beats an Apple Watch Lawsuit

In recent months, Apple has grappled with a series of lawsuits concerning the fate of its popular Apple Watch line. But this week, the company had a victory. As reported by Reuters, a federal judge ruled in Apple’s favor and dismissed an antitrust lawsuit that claimed that Apple had illegally monopolized the United States market … Read more

RingConn Smart Ring Review: Affordable But Flawed

Below that, you have your sleep, activity, and stress stats, and each category has its own tab if you want to dive deeper. At the bottom, the Health Timeline records milestones throughout the day, such as waking time, stress spikes, and step goals. There’s a lot of data here that you can find extrapolated on … Read more

This Ultrasound Bra Could Detect Cancer Sooner

In 2015, Canan Dağdeviren was working as a postdoc at MIT when she learned that her aunt, Fatma, had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Dağdeviren, whose work focused on building flexible devices that could capture biometric data, flew to the Netherlands to be with her relative in those last moments. At … Read more

Best Apple Watch (2023): Which Model Should You Buy?

Do you want an Apple Watch that can replace your satellite messenger, your cycling computer, and your running watch? Then, my friend, the Watch Ultra 2 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is for you. Like the Series 9, it has the new S9 chipset for faster processing and Double Tap; the new ultra-wideband chip for precision-locating your … Read more

Apple to Halt Sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2

If you wanted to buy your loved ones the latest Apple Watch for the holidays, you should try to do it before December 21. Apple has announced that it will pause sales of its two newest Apple Watch models, the Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2, pending an expected ban by the US International Trade … Read more

Gravity Eye Massager Review: Multi-Functional and Compact

Do you ever wish you could put a massage gun directly on your eyeballs after a particularly long and stressful day? Or better yet, pop both eyes right out and give the socket a good rub before replacing them? Unfortunately, neither of those things are medically advisable. Instead, I’ve been getting some relief thanks to … Read more

Withings ScanWatch 2 Review: Attractive Smartwatch Hybrid, Pricey Subscription

I loved the original Withings ScanWatch (8/10, WIRED recommends). It was a refined, elegant, health- and fitness-focused hybrid smartwatch with impressive stamina. The ScanWatch 2 retains everything that made the original so compelling and adds some subtle improvements, most notably temperature tracking, but this comes with an unpalatable price hike. Unlike your average smartwatch, the … Read more

Xreal Air 2 Pro AR Glasses Review: Minor Upgrade

The Xreal Air 2 Pro are the latest augmented reality (AR) glasses to land on my face. As a second-generation device, they feature a raft of improvements, including a brighter virtual display with a higher refresh rate, enhanced audio, and some thoughtful tweaks that make them more comfortable and easier to use. Before we dive … Read more

Wireless wearables can monitor health by capturing body sounds

The sounds out bodies make can provide important information about our health. This is why doctors often rely on the sounds of heartbeat, breathing, and digestion to receive information about what’s happening inside a patient’s body. To make those evaluations as frequent and efficient as possible, Northwestern University researchers have developed soft, miniaturized wearable devices. … Read more