Satellite photos show Egypt building a wall near Gaza Strip

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Egypt is building a wall and is leveling land near its border with the Gaza Strip ahead of a planned Israeli offensive targeting the border city of Rafah, satellite images analyzed Friday by The Associated Press show. Egypt, which has not publicly acknowledged the construction, repeatedly has warned Israel not … Read more

Mysterious National Security Threat Hyped By Republicans Likely Nukes In Space: Report

The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee released a mysterious statement Wednesday morning that warned of a “national security threat” facing the United States. And while we’re still not sure of the details, a new report from ABC News includes more information about what everyone might be panicking about. Astronomers Could Soon Get Warnings When SpaceX Satellites … Read more

SpaceX to Deorbit 100 Starlink Satellites Due to Detected Flaw

An unspecified defect in early model Starlink satellites has prompted SpaceX to preemptively deorbit the units before they potentially fail and become hazards in low Earth orbit. While the company remains confident that the deorbiting of these problematic units will prevent any issues, this incident underscores the challenges and uncertainties in navigating the realm of … Read more

Satellite Images Point to Indiscriminate Israeli Attacks on Gaza’s Health Care Facilities

International humanitarian law prohibits attacks on hospitals and health care facilities, or against patients, doctors, and their means of transport, during a conflict. A health care facility can lose its protected status if it is used to “commit acts that are harmful to the enemy,” according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). … Read more

Bizarre Virus-like ‘Obelisks’ Found in Human Mouths and Guts

Our mouths and guts are teeming with mysterious somethings that are unknown to science, new research suggests. A team says they’ve discovered distinct virus-like structures hanging out among the bacteria that live in our bodies. The researchers have coined these structures “obelisks,” and they might further redefine what it means to be a living thing. … Read more

Lunar Satellite Shoots Lasers to a Moon Lander for the First Time

NASA’s diligent lunar orbiter transmitted a laser beam to a dome-shaped aluminum device the size of a billiard ball on India’s Vikram lander, pinging its location on the Moon. This laser-enabled technique could one day help NASA astronauts find their way on the lunar surface. Moon Knight Gives Us Hope The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) … Read more

Iran launches satellite that is part of a Western-criticized program as regional tensions spike

JERUSALEM — Iran said Saturday it had conducted a successful satellite launch into its highest orbit yet, the latest for a program the West fears improves Tehran’s ballistic missiles. The announcement comes as heightened tensions grip the wider Middle East over Israel’s continued war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and just days after Iran … Read more

Sierra Space joins defense primes in landing massive military satellite contract

Sierra Space is joining Rocket Lab as a current or formerly VC-backed space company to land a major satellite deal with the military. The Space Development Agency (SDA) selected Sierra, along with Lockheed Martin and L3Harris, to build 54 satellites in deals collectively worth $2.5 billion. The news, announced today, follows news from last week … Read more

Satellite Images Show Damage at Houthi Sites After US-Led Strikes

Satellite images captured by Maxar Technologies show the aftermath in Yemen on Friday, January 12, after the United States and allies launched a series of strikes in response to Houthi attacks on shipping lanes. Targets, including in the capital city, Sanaa, were hit by fighter jets from the US Navy, US Air force and Royal … Read more

Japan launches an intelligence-gathering satellite to watch for North Korean missiles

TOKYO — Japan launched a rocket carrying a government intelligence-gathering satellite Friday on a mission to watch movements at military sites in North Korea and improve responses to natural disasters. The H2A rocket, launched by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan, carrying the optical satellite as part … Read more