In 2024, AI Will Spark an Indie Video Game Renaissance (and Nightmare)

More people are making video games than ever before, but most games are still designed by teams of professionals. There’s a barrier of technical skills that keeps the average person from making their own game, but in 2024, that’s going to change. AI is going to make game development so easy that you’ll be able … Read more

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is Returning to Theaters

Image: Square Enix Before there was a PlayStation 4 remake that blew the doors off its own canon, Final Fantasy VII lived on through various spinoffs that expanded the world of the classic RPG. One of those was Advent Children, the 2005 CG film which followed on from the events of the original game. If … Read more

Google Denies That Its ‘Project Hug’ Bribed 20 Developers

Google executives defended its internal campaign “Project Hug,” which enticed 20 developers to not create app stores competitive with Google Play according to Epic Games, in an ongoing trial Thursday. No Google AI Search, I Don’t Need to Learn About the “Benefits of Slavery” Purnima Kochikar, Google’s vice president of play, took the stand Thursday … Read more

Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ends at Necessary Second

Those that performed the unique Remaining Fantasy VII know that recreation just like the again of their hand, however its 2020 remake modified issues up in important methods over the course of its runtime. For the reason that finish of that recreation, there’s been lots discussions on-line about what could be modified in future remakes … Read more

The Gathering is Making Fallout, Ultimate Fantasy-Themed Card Units

Magic: The Gathering has been going exhausting on the model crossovers by its “Universes Past” line this yr with the likes of Physician Who and Lord of the Rings. Over the following few years, that growth is about to proceed, with extra big-name franchises added to the road—particularly video video games. Watch the Trailer for … Read more