Relatives of hostages in Gaza endure a nightmare, but dream their loved ones will be freed

KIBBUTZ BE’ERI, Israel — Gillian and Pete Brisley are picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. They are cleaning up the house where their daughter and granddaughters were killed by Hamas on Oct. 7 in hopes that their son-in-law — believed to be held captive in Gaza — may have something to come home … Read more

‘AI Girlfriends’ Are a Privacy Nightmare

You shouldn’t trust any answers a chatbot sends you. And you probably shouldn’t trust it with your personal information either. That’s especially true for “AI girlfriends” or “AI boyfriends,” according to new research. An analysis into 11 so-called romance and companion chatbots, published on Wednesday by the Mozilla Foundation, has found a litany of security … Read more

This Film Turned the Dyatlov Pass Incident Into a Horror Movie Nightmare

The Big Picture Director Renny Harlin brings his trademark sense of playfulness and excitement to Devil’s Pass, turning a perplexing real-life mystery into a modern horror adventure. The film effectively builds tension through ominous discoveries and explores the consequences of characters meddling with things beyond their understanding. While the creature effects in the bunker sequence … Read more

‘American Nightmare’ Couple Addresses Police ‘Victim Blaming’

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn are addressing the police “victim blaming” they endured amid the popularity of the Netflix documentary, ‘American Nightmare.’ The true crime docuseries tells the true story of a 2015 home invasion and kidnapping of Denise Huskins — an incident that police initially claimed was a hoax. At the time, Quinn told … Read more

‘Poor Things’ actor Mark Ruffalo reveals his worst nightmare

Mark Ruffalo shares details on how a ‘crazy’ nightmare turned out be a life-threatening disease Photo: ‘Poor Things’ actor Mark Ruffalo reveals his worst nightmare Mark Ruffalo got candid about his worst nightmare. The Poor Things hitmaker recently marked his presence on the latest episode of the podcast Smartless. During this chat, the 56-year-old opened up … Read more

American Nightmare Is A Reminder To Rewatch This 2019 Netflix Miniseries

Summary American Nightmare and Unbelievable highlight the police’s tendency to accuse victims of lying, ignoring any evidence to the contrary. The police’s failures to investigate properly in both cases allowed the perpetrators to continue their crimes, resulting in a miscarriage of justice. Watching both series reveals that policing has not made much progress in addressing … Read more

In 2024, AI Will Spark an Indie Video Game Renaissance (and Nightmare)

More people are making video games than ever before, but most games are still designed by teams of professionals. There’s a barrier of technical skills that keeps the average person from making their own game, but in 2024, that’s going to change. AI is going to make game development so easy that you’ll be able … Read more

The Enduring Nightmare of Trafficked Scammers

After just two months of exchanging WhatsApp messages, Mark Santos knew the stranger he met online was falling in love with him. “He was very nice,” Santos says, of the unmarried 47-year-old real estate broker from Virginia. “We even celebrated our two months of being together.” Except Santos wasn’t who he said he was. And … Read more

Nightmare Before Christmas Bitty Pop Funkos

Image: Funko Sandy Claws is coming to town with the smallest, cutest-yet-creepiest Bitty Pop Funkos you’ve ever seen. The residents of Halloween Town have been shrunken down to perfect stocking-stuffer size, especially for the Tim Burton fan in your life. io9 has the first look at the mystery bag collection of The Nightmare Before Christmas … Read more

The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Jack Skellington Figurine Announced

NECA has revealed a Jack Skellington figurine for The Nightmare Before Christmas’ 30th-anniversary. Jack and His Lantern The 9” tall figurine is fully poseable and wears the familiar pinstripe suit. An official description from the NECA website is below. Credit: NECA ”Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas with this new Jack … Read more