Black Friday shoppers spent a record $9.8 billion in U.S. online sales, up 7.5% from last year

Black Friday shoppers pick out clothing in a Lacoste store as retailers compete to attract shoppers and try to maintain margins on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, New York, U.S. November 24, 2023.  Vincent Alban | Reuters Black Friday e-commerce spending … Read more

Jerry Doolittle, press attaché outraged by U.S. bombing of Laos, dies at 90

Add to your saved storiesSave Jerry Doolittle, a onetime Washington Post humorist whose eclectic career took him to Laos as a U.S. press attaché who later helped disclose the full scope of a secret U.S. bombing campaign, and then to the White House as a speechwriter tasked with crafting jokes for President Jimmy Carter, died … Read more

U.S. egg producers conspired to fix prices from 2004 to 2008, a federal jury ruled this week

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Illinois jury ruled this week that several major egg producers conspired to limit the U.S.’s supply of eggs in order to raise prices in a lawsuit first filed 12 years ago. Several large food manufacturing companies including Kraft Foods Global, Inc. and The Kellogg Company alleged in the lawsuit originally filed … Read more

Biden and Xi’s meeting sent an important signal for U.S. business in China

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Filoli estate on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Woodside, California, on Nov. 15, 2023. Kevin Lamarque | Reuters BEIJING — U.S. President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week has set a bottom line in the relationship which … Read more

China’s growing space program in Latin America concerns U.S. Pentagon

EL ALTO, Bolivia — On a plateau 13,000 feet above sea level in the Bolivian Andes, llama herders and Indigenous farmers share the sparse landscape with an unusual neighbor: a towering cluster of Chinese-built satellite dishes. The Amachuma Ground Station exchanges data 24 hours a day with Bolivia’s only state-owned satellite, Tupac Katari I, which … Read more

Israel, Hamas and U.S. nearing deal for fighting pause and hostage release, senior officials say

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave Michael Herzog, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, said Sunday that he was “hopeful” that a deal will be completed “in the coming days” to free at least some of the hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza. “We’re talking about a pause in the fighting for a few … Read more

Milei wins in Argentina, edging the country closer to the U.S. dollar

Newly elected President of Argentina Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza speaks after the polls closed in the presidential runoff on November 19, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tomas Cuesta | Getty Images News | Getty Images Argentina’s Javier Milei, a far-right political outsider often compared to former U.S. President Donald Trump, vowed to deliver … Read more

Lloyd Austin visits Kyiv as worries rise over U.S. military funding

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave KYIV — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv on Monday offering reassurance to Ukrainian leaders on behalf of the Biden administration that American aid will continue despite mounting opposition by Republicans in Congress and battlefield setbacks against Russian troops. It is Austin’s second visit to Ukraine … Read more

Loyal Source a finalist for U.S. border medical services contract after girl’s death

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave A medical services company whose quality of care is a focus of a probe launched after the death of an 8-year-old girl in U.S. border custody has been selected as a finalist for a new $1.5 billion government contract, a Washington Post investigation has found. Florida-based Loyal … Read more