Israel rebuffs Blinken concerns over Gaza war as U.N. cease-fire call fails

TEL AVIV — Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israeli leaders confronted each other on Friday about the future of the war in Gaza, as the top U.S. diplomat urged Israel not to invade a city packed with civilians, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defiantly declared that “we’ll do it by ourselves.” The tense … Read more

Congress’ Spending Bill Could Ban Funds to Top Gaza Aid Agency

The fate of the U.N. agency dedicated to Palestinian refugees hangs in the balance as U.S. lawmakers prepare to vote on a batch of spending bills that, if passed, would suspend direct funding to the agency for at least a year. The U.N. agency, known by its shorthand UNRWA, was first established in 1949 to … Read more

Jews and Muslims in U.S. disagree on Israel’s conduct in Gaza, poll finds

A survey by the Pew Research Center published Thursday shows how Americans are split — particularly along religious lines — over Israel’s conduct in Gaza and the reasons for the war itself. The poll is among the most comprehensive yet of how Americans’ opinions on the conflict differ depending on religious affiliations. The poll found … Read more

Schumer says Netanyahu ‘lost his way.’ Would a new leader change course on Gaza?

JERUSALEM — In the United States, even Israel’s closest friends have begun to say out loud that Benjamin Netanyahu stands as an obstacle to peace. The Israeli prime minister has pushed back on pressure from the White House and congressional Democrats, insisting that his government’s prosecution of the war in Gaza has mainstream backing in … Read more

What to know about Gaza police amid struggle to protect aid deliveries

JERUSALEM — Attacks on Gaza’s police force as Israel’s invasion wears down what remains of Hamas’s governing infrastructure have helped to cripple humanitarian efforts in the enclave, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations say, with the territory’s slide toward famine intensifying amid a struggle to provide security for aid deliveries once they enter Gaza. Israel … Read more

EU leaders gather with Ukraine ammunition production and Gaza aid at the top of their agenda

BRUSSELS — European Union leaders gathered Thursday to consider new ways to help boost arms and ammunition production for Ukraine and to discuss the war in Gaza amid deep concern about Israeli plans to launch a ground offensive in the city of Rafah. Ukraine’s munition stocks are desperately low, and Russia has more and better-armed … Read more

Blinken starts new mideast trip in Saudi Arabia to talk about Gaza

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday began his sixth trip to the Middle East since the eruption of conflict between Israel and Hamas, his latest bid to compel Israel to ease its assault on the battered territory and identify a post-conflict plan that could lead to a Palestinian state. State … Read more

Blinken adds Israel stop to latest Mideast tour as tensions rise over Gaza war

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Israel this week as part of his sixth urgent mission to the Middle East since the Israelis’ war with Hamas began in October, as relations between the two countries have soured dramatically in recent weeks. The visit comes amid a flurry of … Read more

Israel’s war on Hamas brings famine to Gaza

You’re reading an excerpt from the Today’s WorldView newsletter. Sign up to get the rest free, including news from around the globe and interesting ideas and opinions to know, sent to your inbox every weekday. The warnings were being sounded for weeks. The United Nations, international relief organizations and some foreign governments voiced their fears … Read more

Famine Is ‘Imminent’ in Gaza, U.N.-Backed Report Warns

For months, aid agencies and world leaders have warned about the risk of famine in Gaza, where normal flows of food and water have slowed to a trickle since Oct. 7. In northern Gaza, where roughly 300,000 people remain without adequate access to humanitarian aid, it may already be present, according to a new report … Read more