OpenAI Sora’s Breaks Our Brains, Vision Pro Loses Its Luster, and More Big Tech News

Photo: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu (Getty Images), Suzanne Cordeiro (Getty Images), Siegfried Layda (Getty Images), David Paul Morris/Bloomberg (Getty Images), Vladimir Vladimirov (Getty Images), Justin Sullivan / Staff (Getty Images), Mike Coppola (Getty Images), Image: OpenAI The world seemingly, at the same time, held its breath with the reveal of OpenAI’s video generator, Sora, It’s as if … Read more

23andMe Is Under Fire. Its Founder Remains ‘Optimistic’

You had an exclusive partnership with GlaxoSmithKline for five years, from 2018 to 2023. How successful was that? It was overwhelmingly productive. Fifty drug targets came out of it, far more than we expected. They upped it again for one more year, the sixth year, though it’s non-exclusive now. We now have the ability to … Read more

Weekend Tech Roundup January 06, 2024

Google Just Disabled Cookies for 30 Million Chrome Users. Here’s How to Tell If You’re One of Them. But me love cookies!Photo: VIAVAL TOURS / (Shutterstock) Mr. Tweet Fumbles Super Bowl Tweet Today marks the first of many upcoming moments of silence in Google’s years-long plan to kill cookies. As of this morning, the … Read more

A CES 2024 preview, 23andMe victim blaming and MIT’s obesity-fighting pill

Welcome, folks, to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter that recaps the week in tech that was. Hope the holidays were restful for those who observed them. We at TC, for our parts, are gearing up for an eventful next week at CES in Las Vegas — while keeping an eye on the news … Read more

23andMe Blames Users for Recent Data Breach as It’s Hit With Dozens of Lawsuits

It’s been nearly two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and as the grim milestone looms and winter drags on, the two nations are locked in a grueling standoff. In order to “break military parity” with Russia, Ukraine’s top general says that Kyiv needs an inspired military innovation that equals the magnitude of inventing gunpowder … Read more

23andMe to Data Breach Victims: It’s Your Fault!

What happens when a company loses a bunch of user data? Typically, they apologize and sheepishly beg for forgiveness. Not so with 23andMe. The popular genomics company, which suffered a pretty terrible data breach last year, has instead opted to tell pissed off customers that they probably should’ve picked a better password if they didn’t … Read more

INTERPOL Arrests 3,500 Suspects in Sweeping Cybercrime Operation

Photos from a cybercriminal seizure conducted by HAECHI IV’s operation.Photo: INTERPOL Interpol, an international police organization, has arrested nearly 3,500 people allegedly connected to cybercrime in a sweeping operation announced on Tuesday. $300 million worth of assets across 34 countries were reportedly seized. The operation, Haechi IV, blocked over 80,000 suspicious bank accounts and warned … Read more

Why the 23andMe Data Breach Is Such a Disaster

Earlier this week, 23andMe admitted that an October hack was dramatically worse than the company initially admitted, affecting 6.9 million people, not the 14,000 it first reported. 23andMe followed up with an early Christmas present for users: a terms of service update that funnels disgruntled users into a mass arbitration process instead of a class-action … Read more

The 23andMe Data Breach Keeps Spiraling

More details are emerging about a data breach the genetic testing company 23andMe first reported in October. But as the company shares more information, the situation is becoming even murkier and creating greater uncertainty for users attempting to understand the fallout. 23andMe said at the beginning of October that attackers had infiltrated some of its … Read more