A year after Syria’s deadly earthquake, orphaned children adjust to the loss bit by bit

IDLIB, Syria — Aya al-Sudani, a bubbly toddler with a toothy smile, will mark her first birthday on Tuesday, but there will be no celebration with cake and presents. The day also marks a dark memory. On Feb. 6, 2023, a massive earthquake hit Syria and Turkey and the baby girl was pulled alive from … Read more

This Smart Bed Uses AI Sensors and Strings to Adjust to Your Sleeping Needs

I remember when Hyper-Elastic Polymer was the strangest thing you could find in a mattress. Thanks to its woven strings, the Anssil Sleepinbody-Incline Smart Mattress i4 earned a Digital Health Innovation Award at CES 2024. It’s also the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in a mattress. This smart mattress has an inner web of 14 million … Read more

Key Privacy Settings to Adjust if You Stream on Roku, Apple TV and Other Devices

Streaming devices are now the norm, along with platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Max and other streaming services that enable us to connect and watch TV with convenience. While there are top-quality options from Apple, Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon, it’s essential to be aware that these devices track your viewing habits in the background, despite their amazing features.  … Read more

Timothee Chalamet unable to adjust in ‘Kardashian circus’ amid Kylie Jenner romance

Timothee Chalamet feels ‘less comfortable’ in romance with Kylie Jenner amid breakup rumours Timothee Chalamet unable to adjust in ‘Kardashian circus’ amid Kylie Jenner romance Timothee Chalamet unable to adjust in romance with Kylie Jenner as the Kardashian “circus” doesn’t “seem like a match for his normal lifestyle.” Discussing their body language during public appearances, … Read more

Jewish schools adjust security as Gaza war stokes fears

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave Across the country, Jewish schools are rushing to fortify themselves as the Israel-Gaza conflict leads to new threats amid an existing surge of religious-based attacks in the United States. School leaders, fearing attacks on civilians in the Middle East will motivate violence in the United States, are … Read more

How to quickly adjust the font size on Android 14 for easier readability

June Wan/ZDNET On many occasions, I’ve been out and about, only to find I’ve forgotten my glasses. That’s a problem for my aging eyes. When that happens, if I need to read my phone, I’m in trouble. No matter how far I stretch my arms, the text remains blurry. I am not, after all, Stretch … Read more