Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo Switch sequel speculation has hit a fever pitch despite just how little information there is about the long-expected update to Nintendo’s most popular console ever created. However, in recent months, the ocean of disconnected rumors has started to coagulate into something that could be considered more than a rumor. While there’s been a bevy … Read more

I Made the Ugliest PlayStation 5 Using Sony’s New ‘Deep Earth’ Colors

Each panel on the PlayStation 5 can be swapped out individually, so we decided to go with something a little off the rails.Photo: Angel Fajardo / Gizmodo What wasn’t obvious about the new slimmer version of the PlayStation 5 was that each individual panel can be removed individually. Unlike the original PS5, the black bar … Read more

The Little 4K Projector That Could, an Actual Xbox Toaster, and More Product News of the Week

As the Consumer Tech team prepares to head to Las Vegas for CES 2024 next week, we cannot stop thinking about LG’s adorable 4K projector while also wondering what an Xbox-inspired BLT would taste like. Oh, and we also rounded up the top product stories of the week. LG Just Announced the Cutest Little 4K … Read more

2023 Was the Year of the Handheld Console, and 2024 Will Be Better for It

This past year was a tipping point for the games industry. There have been some amazing, trend-setting releases alongside devastating industry turmoil, including mass layoffs, studio closures, and ballooning development costs. There’s a sense of foreboding entering into 2024, but there’s at least one thing we can glean from the chaos of 2023. The handheld … Read more

Ditching All Your Dongles Means Dealing with a Mess of Wires

The initial pitch for the $380 Logitech Astro A50 X Lightspeed headset sounds like an infomercial. It’s as if a revived, gamer-ified Billy Mays made a 30-second TV pitch sounding off: “Are you tired of shoving all those dongles in your consoles? Do you hate that it’s so hard to use the same headset across … Read more

Ready to Upgrade? Rumors Suggest PlayStation 5 Pro Arriving Late in 2024

A wave of rumors has engulfed Sony’s premiere fish tail-shaped console, with speculation centering on an upcoming PS5 Pro next year with a beefed-up CPU and GPU supposed to help it swim above any of the other prominent consoles currently on the market. ‘Even AI Rappers are Harassed by Police’ | AI Unlocked An anonymous … Read more

Logitech’s New Gaming Headset Completely Ditches the Dongles

Image: Logitech The Logitech G Astro A50 X promises to solve a pretty common issue for console gamers. What issue exactly? Find a single wireless headset that works across multiple consoles and connects to your PC without needing to connect multiple USB dongles. “Even AI Rappers are Harassed by Police” | AI Unlocked The A50 … Read more

The New Slim PlayStation 5 Is Thinner Where it Counts

The new, smaller version of the PlayStation 5 is the same console that came out three years ago, at least in most of the ways that matter. That’s for better or worse, though if you’re looking to pick up Sony’s premiere console, then at least you can feel better knowing it might actually fit in … Read more

Windows Handheld PCs Now Have Xbox App That Works

The Xbox app now plays nice with handheld consoles thanks to a new “Compact mode.” Windows-based handheld console users no longer need to navigate through tiny text and jumbled sidebars on relatively small screens. But Microsoft, you know what would be even better? A full version of Windows 11 made for handheld. “Even AI Rappers … Read more

A Portable PlayStation 5, Sort of

With all the handheld gaming devices popping up, like the Steam Deck OLED, Lenovo Legion Go, Ayaneo Slide, and the ROG Ally, I wouldn’t blame you if you first saw the PlayStation Portable and thought, “Whoa, did Sony just make a new PSP?” If you were expecting a spiritual successor to the PlayStation Portable, I … Read more