Ready to Upgrade? Rumors Suggest PlayStation 5 Pro Arriving Late in 2024

A wave of rumors has engulfed Sony’s premiere fish tail-shaped console, with speculation centering on an upcoming PS5 Pro next year with a beefed-up CPU and GPU supposed to help it swim above any of the other prominent consoles currently on the market. ‘Even AI Rappers are Harassed by Police’ | AI Unlocked An anonymous … Read more

Logitech’s New Gaming Headset Completely Ditches the Dongles

Image: Logitech The Logitech G Astro A50 X promises to solve a pretty common issue for console gamers. What issue exactly? Find a single wireless headset that works across multiple consoles and connects to your PC without needing to connect multiple USB dongles. “Even AI Rappers are Harassed by Police” | AI Unlocked The A50 … Read more

The New Slim PlayStation 5 Is Thinner Where it Counts

The new, smaller version of the PlayStation 5 is the same console that came out three years ago, at least in most of the ways that matter. That’s for better or worse, though if you’re looking to pick up Sony’s premiere console, then at least you can feel better knowing it might actually fit in … Read more

Sony Patents a PS5 Controller That Stores and Charges Earbuds

Image: Bloomberg (Getty Images) Sony recently patented a PS5 controller that can also store and charge wireless earbuds. The controller would feature a pair of slots where the buds can be docked for storage. The dock would also be able to charge them and pair them to a console. According to the company, using the … Read more