EU launches probe into Meta, Apple and Alphabet under sweeping new tech law

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age (Competition), Margrethe Vestager, holds a press conference on “Apple on App Store rules for music streaming providers” in Brussels, Belgium on April 30, 2021. (Photo by Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Dursun Aydemir | Anadolu | Getty Images The European … Read more

Russia launches another massive missile attack on Ukraine with one briefly entering Polish airspace

KYIV, Ukraine — KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia launched its third massive missile attack on Ukraine in the past four days, and the second to target the capital of Kyiv, with Poland’s military saying that one of the missiles launched at western Ukraine briefly entered its airspace Sunday. The head of Kyiv’s military administration, Serhiy … Read more

Russia Launches Sweeping Attack on Ukraine’s Power Sector

(KYIV, Ukraine) — Russia unleashed one of its most devastating attacks against Ukraine’s electric sector on Friday, an aerial assault it said was retaliation for recent strikes inside Russia and which could signal an escalation of the war just days after President Vladimir Putin cemented his grip on power in a preordained election. Many Ukrainians … Read more

Sony Reportedly Launches Investigation Over PS5 Pro Specs Leak

Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo PlayStation 5 Pro news consists of only rumors so far—Sony hasn’t even confirmed the existence of a beefed-up console. However, a recent leak of the PS5 Pro specs appears to be legit and it’s reportedly prompted Sony to go on the hunt to find who spoiled the surprise. Who’s This … Read more

China Launches Satellite to Assist Exploration of Moon’s Far Side

China launched a lunar satellite designed to play a critical role in its competition with the U.S. to be the leader in exploration of the moon. The Queqiao-2 relay satellite went into orbit aboard a Long March-8 rocket at 8:31 a.m. Beijing time from the Wenchang launch site in southern China’s Hainan province, according to … Read more

Cowboy launches all-road electric bike to attract riders beyond European city centers

Cowboy is better known for its sleek electric bikes that you can see in many major cities across Europe. And if you look at the persons riding those Cowboy bikes, most of the time, you’ll see a young adult heading to an office with a laptop in a backpack. That’s why the company is launching … Read more

Valve launches Steam Families with improved game sharing and better parental controls

Jason Cipriani/ZDNET If you have multiple gamers in your family, you’ll want to pay attention to how Valve has overhauled Steam’s family sharing system. Starting today, the new Steam Families system gives you not only more parental controls, but makes some big changes to how games can be shared. Essentially, Families combines Steam’s two current … Read more

The CSA launches an IoT Device Security Specification and certification program for smart home devices

As useful as connected devices like video doorbells and smart lights are, it’s wise to exercise caution when using connected tech in your home, especially after years of reading about security camera hacks, fridge botnet attacks, and smart stoves turning themselves on. But until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to assess a product’s … Read more

Israel Launches Another Raid on Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — Israeli forces launched another raid on the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital early Monday, saying Hamas militants had regrouped there and had fired on them from inside the compound, where Palestinian officials say tens of thousands of people have been sheltering. The U.N. food agency, meanwhile, said “famine is imminent” in northern … Read more