Heat Pumps Outsell Gas Furnaces Once Again. Here’s Why They’re Catching On

Heat pumps are having a moment. For the second year in a row, heat pump shipments outpaced gas furnaces in the US, the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute reported earlier this month. Heat pumps have been coming on strong in the home heating market, due in large part to their energy efficiency. Instead of … Read more

I tested Sennheiser’s new mid-range headphones and they’re so close to perfect

Jada Jones/ZDNETZDNET’s key takeawaysThe new Sennheiser Accentum Plus are an exceptional mid-range option for audio fanatics. They’re now available to purchase for $230.Exceptional sound quality and a marathon battery life set these headphones apart from similarly priced competitors.The build quality is exactly the same as last year’s model, with no improvements to fit, design, or … Read more

Illegally adopted during Chile’s dictatorship, they’re now reuniting with biological families

SANTIAGO — Romina Cortés couldn’t pronounce her sister’s last name. She didn’t know what she smells like, what her favorite food is, or what she likes to do in her free time. Cortés, 43, waited impatiently Sunday at the airport in Santiago, Chile, where she would soon meet her sister, Maria, whose existence Cortés learned … Read more

Intuitive Machines’ moon lander sent home its first images and they’re breathtaking

Intuitive Machines’ lunar lander is well on its way to the moon after launching without a hitch on Thursday, but it managed to snap a few incredible images of Earth while it was still close to home. The company shared the first batch of images from the IM-1 mission on X today after confirming in … Read more

A Mars Rover Saw Enormous Dark Patches on the Sun, and Now They’re Visible From Earth

A striking set of gigantic sunspots, first spotted from Mars and now designated AR3576, is currently facing Earth, capturing the attention of astronomers, space enthusiasts, and concerned space weather forecasters. Hurricanes and Climate | Extreme Earth The cluster, nicknamed the “Martian sunspots,” was first discovered by NASA’s Perseverance rover using its MastCam in the final … Read more

Alabama Barker Pleads for Designer Watches to Be Returned After They’re Stolen at Fast Food Restaurant

Alabama Barker is hoping some of her pricy property will be returned to her after it was allegedly stolen. The 18-year-old daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler took to her Instagram Story to share the news.  “Whoever took my patek and Cartier watch out of the fat burger bathroom a day ago in Burbank … Read more

Apps Made the iPhone. They’re Missing on the Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is coming to the real world on February 2, and all the previews so far have shown it to be a great bundle of contradictions. It’s capable but clunky. Mobile but tethered to a battery pack. Exciting but just so, so expensive. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a device Apple touts … Read more

Bose’s New Ultra Open Earbuds Are Coming Soon and They’re Pretty Funky

A few years ago, Bose released its Sport Open Earbuds, which were among the first ear-hook style true wireless buds to feature an open design with micro speakers that fired sound into your ears. Those buds were discontinued last year, but now Bose is back with a completely new set of open earbuds. They’re called … Read more

No. 1 challenge Fortune 500 execs say they’re facing with employees: new research

Executives are more concerned about employee productivity than about getting them back to the office, according to new research from Atlassian.  In September, the Australian software company asked 100 Fortune 500 and 100 Fortune 1000 executives what their biggest organizational challenge is, and nearly half (43%) said low productivity.  Only a third of executives with … Read more

Jacob Elordi & Olivia Jade’s Relationship Status Called Into Question, New Source Claims They’re Still Together Amid Split Report | Jacob Elordi, Olivia Jade | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

There are a lot of rumors circulating right now about Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade. On Wednesday (January 17), a report emerged suggesting the 26-year-old Saltburn actor and the 24-year-old YouTuber had split. Keep reading to find out more… Us Weekly simply cited a “source” as their insider who leaked the details. However, on Thursday … Read more