Satellite Images Point to Indiscriminate Israeli Attacks on Gaza’s Health Care Facilities

International humanitarian law prohibits attacks on hospitals and health care facilities, or against patients, doctors, and their means of transport, during a conflict. A health care facility can lose its protected status if it is used to “commit acts that are harmful to the enemy,” according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). … Read more

Kitchen table amputation underscores Gaza’s healthcare crisis

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave CAIRO — Despite his experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Hany Bsaiso froze when he saw his teenage niece’s injuries. Her right leg, he said, had been blown off below the knee by an Israeli tank shell. The other was severely injured. “Where do I start?” he recalls … Read more

Inequality Is a Health Risk—and It’s Getting Worse

In 2024, the maternal mortality rate (MMR) in the United States and the United Kingdom will grow, although postmortem reviews conclude that 80 percent of maternal deaths in high-income countries are preventable. Rates in high-income countries across Western Europe and Asia did decrease between 1990 and 2010, yet in some of these countries, like the … Read more

A Key to Detecting Brain Disease Earlier Than Ever

Earlier this year, Parkinson’s disease (PD) research entered a new era when the Michael J. Fox Foundation announced a momentous scientific breakthrough—the discovery of a biomarker for PD. It meant that, for the first time ever, we can now pinpoint the earliest known signs of the disease in Parkinson’s patients. This long-awaited new procedure is … Read more

The End of One-Size-Fits-All Health Care

It has been known for decades that the vast majority of human biological differences aren’t between groups, they’re from person to person. It’s weird that scientists and doctors still resort to sifting people into huge populations when trying to understand us: ethnicity, race, sex, and gender. 2024 will mark the year that they finally relinquish … Read more

Follow CEOs at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday told investors what to watch for on Wall Street next week, highlighting JPMorgan’s market-moving health-care conference in San Francisco. Taking place from Monday to Thursday, the conference is one of the year’s largest gatherings of major industry CEOs where they reveal earnings guidance and updates on clinical trial research. “The … Read more

My Parents’ Dementia Felt Like the End of Joy. Then Came the Robots

You learn a lot about people by hanging out with robots. QT made it plain to me how much human interaction depends on tiny movements and subtle changes in timing. Even when armed with the latest artificial intelligence language models, QT can’t play the social game. Its face expresses emotion, it understands words and spits … Read more

Women in the US Are Now Stockpiling Abortion Pills

When access to reproductive health care is threatened in the United States, a growing number of women stock up on abortion medications to keep on hand in case they need the pills in the future, new research shows. A study analyzed 48,404 requests for “advance provision” abortion medications made to Aid Access, an Austria-based nonprofit … Read more

The Age of Crispr Medicine Is Here

So far, only nine centers across the US are currently offering Casgevy, which may limit who gets access to it. Vertex says the number of participating sites will grow in the coming weeks and months. And despite the promise of a pain-free future, the grueling process of getting Casgevy may be a deterrent for some. … Read more

US healthcare giant Norton says hackers stole millions of patients’ data during ransomware attack

Kentucky-based non-profit healthcare system Norton Healthcare has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal data of millions of patients and employees during an earlier ransomware attack. Norton operates more than 40 clinics and hospitals in and around Louisville, Kentucky, and is the city’s third-largest private employer. The organization has more than 20,000 employees, and more than … Read more