Arnold Schwarzenegger and Physical Therapist Girlfriend Heather Milligan Show Off Fitness Routine

Arnold Schwarzenegger is bonding with his longtime girlfriend over fitness! The 76-year-old action star praised the 49-year-old physical therapist in a new YouTube video. “Heather Milligan is not only my girlfriend, but she’s also a great, if not, the best physical therapist in the world,” Schwarzenegger gushes in the new clip. “That’s actually how we met. … Read more

MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Feben, Rave Review promote looks for women of all shapes, ages and sizes

MILAN — London-based designer Feben opened the last day of Milan Fashion Week with a refreshingly diverse runway in every way, both in size and race. “I think why you are not seeing that around is because you are not seeing a lot of Black women in creative roles,” said the designer, who is originally … Read more

Americans bought abandoned $1 Italian homes: Was it worth it?

Picture this: A house with extensive mold, water damage, termites and a collapsed roof in a tiny town where you don’t speak the language. Not exactly a prime real estate opportunity, right? For Rubia Daniels, though, the dilapidated building in Sicily also served as an exciting chance to build the home of her dreams — … Read more

MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana conceal and reveal, balance transparency with cover

MILAN — While the fashion industry discusses size diversity from time to time, there was little evidence of real evolution on the Milan runway this season. On Saturday, Paloma Elsesser walked Ferragamo in a satin plunge-neck cocktail dress, and Dolce&Gabbana included models of normal size. But the thinness of some models was a topic of … Read more

MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Gucci sparkles as De Sarno hits stride

MILAN — The fashion crowd traversed Milan countless times on the third day of fashion week Friday, defying rain, traffic tie-ups and a local transport strike all in the name of the next big trend. By late afternoon, shows were running a full hour late as the fleet of black sedans, shuttles and taxis couldn’t … Read more

Taking a trip with one child at a time: parent child bonding vacation

Sonja Prokopec took her son on their first “solo” trip together when he was six years old. They went to Rome, and it was so memorable that Prokopec said she’s now planning their second trip this summer. “I really enjoy one-on-one time which we have when travelling alone,” she said. “There are no distractions, no … Read more

AP PHOTOS: Milan designers cocooning for next winter

MILAN — If there is one theme emerging at Milan Fashion Week, it is cocooning, hunkering down, enveloping one’s self in comfort clothing. No one is mentioning the wars and political divisions cleaving the globe, but it is clear that if they are not in the forefront of designers’ minds, the drive for self-protection is … Read more

Milan Fashion Week showcases emerging Black designers, launches initiative to fight discrimination

MILAN — Milan Fashion Week highlighted diversity and in a new initiative that aims to promote inclusion across the industry and the return of a showcase for underrepresented designers as five days of mostly womenswear previews for Fall-Winter 2024-25 got underway on Wednesday. An agreement signed Tuesday by the Italian fashion council, a governmental anti-discrimination … Read more

Employees’ strike at the Eiffel Tower turns visitors away for a second day

PARIS — A strike at the Eiffel Tower over poor financial management turned away visitors on Tuesday for the second consecutive day. Denis Vavassori of the CGT union, which represents a large number of the Eiffel Tower’s employees, said its members voted unanimously to extend the strike on Tuesday. He said employees were willing to … Read more

Once banned by communists, Poland’s stately 18th century dance garners UNESCO honors

WARSAW, Poland — Once banned by rulers dispatched from Moscow, Poland’s stately polonaise dance that nurtured the country’s spirit even through the dark years of its partition is now honored by UNESCO. This 18th century dance has been performed from aristocratic balls to village celebrations, inspiring composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Frederic Chopin. … Read more